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Things Life Taught Me...

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Its been a couple of decades in this world, let me see if I can compile a list (certainly not comprehensive) of things that Life has taught me over these years. Here we go...

  1. Respect Old Age. If you find someone who is old, give them their due respect. Even if you are in a hurry, dont reach the place in time at the cost of giving an old man a heart attack. Tomorrow, we will reach that age too.
  2. Kids Are Good Teachers. Have you seen kids trying to crawl, walk, and just about do anything? They never ever give up. They might get hurt, trip and fall, but they never lose heart. They are just focused on what they have to do, and dont stop till they are done with what they started. I think, most of us elders, forget this as we age.
  3. Follow Traffic Rules. I have broken traffic rules couple of times in my life. Then I was younger and doing it just gave me the kicks. Today, I follow traffic rules to the "T". Why do I do it? I think, if each one of us try to do it, we would one day, make a difference.
  4. Respect Women. When I was young and growing up, I used to say things like "Wife is a Knife to Life", "Man goes through 3 rings in life... Engagement Ring, Wedding Ring and Suffering". Having said all that, I think Women are much much better than men in lots of ways. Yes, they cant drive, they dont understand technology, they dont know why guys get excited about Formula 1 cars, At the same time, they are the ones who virtually single handedly handle manage the family and household. They work more than men do at workplaces (No arguing that men stay back later at office than women, well they dont take smoking breaks, tea breaks and snack breaks like we do). Try going through pregnancy and labour, I dont think most men have the guts to go through the pain. We dont have PMS, so the next time your wife, sister or colleague seems snappy out of the blue, just be more understanding.
  5. Moneys Not Everything. Sounds cliche and very cinematic? Well, yes I agree, but reality of this statement hits you when you lose something really dear to you. I had never seen death at close quarters and it never hit me till my dad was no more. Thats when it hit me. Today when I see my daughter, I wish my dad would have been there, he would have loved to spend time with her. The other day, a friends pregnant wife was alone at home and her water sac broke. My wife and I rushed her to the hospital and she delivered a wonderful baby boy in an hour. We felt so good that we were there for them and could be of some help. The look on the parents face was worth living for :)
  6. You Need Money. Having said that Moneys Not Everything, most of the things in the world today, does not happen if you dont have money, you are going to get frustrated. You need to wear good clothes, you want to eat out once in a way, you need to buy a house (keep catching up on soaring real estate prices), give your son ./ daughter good education, get them married, go for long dreamt holidays, unexpected medical expenses, your dream car, white goods, gizmos... all these cost money. The only thing I would say is, dont go after money like there is no tomorrow, and dont earn it at any cost.
  7. There are lots more that I have learnt from life, I would keep updating this post from time to time, so watch this space.

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  1. Anonymous Aparna 

    echo your views!
    1) Old age... I realise the worth of my grandmother now when she is no more... And I realise now that giving them time and listening to them (even if it doesn't interest us) itself is a form of respect...

    2) kids ... well they are good teachers and the quickest learners... I literally had to become a _bit_ civilised in nature for one of my neice several years ago cos I realised I kids get inspired by what we do...

    3) traffic rules... yes, I do follow them! even if public behind me keeps on beeping their horns for no traffic ahead when red signal is on...

    4) Respecting women... When I was young and growing up... I had mostly cousin brothers around... and I really had no idea of girly things... i grew up to be a brat... But several people (Say 2-3 cousin bro's ke wife log)... When they came into my life... I learnt a lot from them... infact I respect 2 of them very very much!

    At the same time... one way traffic nahi hona chahiye... would say that even Men should be respected by women...

    5) money is not everything... but it is used everywhere for everything... else our country would not have been so popular in for 'corruption'
    WORTH... I agree the example you have given about the smile on the parent's face... Haven't faced parenthood yet... but I still remember the day when I held my neice at Nasik in my hands the first time at the hospital... even though she was to take my place... I was the youngest till then in the family! Heheh

    6) yea... money is required to pay about 30K + fees for future schools ! had written abt this in my blog... hehee...

    7) i learnt a lot from death: on how to live life! :) and as we live life... we learn... this learning never ends...

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