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The meaning of the place says it all doesnt it? Yesterday, when we went to watch Rang De Basanti at Mayajaal, quite a few things made me ask this question... Are we getting our money's worth? To start, we cross the ECR toll gate and at a very short distance is Mayajaal, for this we pay Rs 45. Then we enter Mayajaal and at right at the gate they collect Rs 10 for parking. I go around the parking lot thrice before I get a parking space. There was no one to guide you, nor were there any signs as to where to park the car. Then we go inside the theatre, and my wife said she was hungry. Went and checked the price of popcorn...Rs 25 for a small packet. Lays chips which sells for Rs 20 outside, is sold at Rs 30. Sometimes you dont mind paying a little more, but shouldnt you be getting good service and basic courtesy? Wonder where all this is going?

Rang De Basanti. I am just back after seeing this movie. It was a wonderful movie. I am really impressed with the way Indian Cinema is maturing. The days of Masala Movies seem to be a thing of the past. The last couple of movies I watched have all been good... Parineeta, Sarkar and now RDB (Rang De Basanti). The characterisation of each of the role is very well done. Any Aamir Khan movie is worth watching, but the thing that really surprises you is that Aamir does not have as much space in the movie as some of the other characters like Siddharth does. Siddharth has done a very good job. The Mani Ratnam camp does so much to an actor, and it shows in case of Sid. Something I learnt today, Sid was Assistant Director to Mani Ratnam in the movie "Kannathil Muthamittal". Aamir Khan as usual has done exceedingly well, man his screen presence and histrionics...man he is just too good. Kunal Kapoor of Minaxi fame, is a dashing and handsome guy with the greek looks. Atul Kulkarni, another theater guy, personification of histrionics. Soha Ali Khan was good in the movie too, guess all that talent around her must have rubbed on to her. Alice Patten, daughter of Chris Patten, a theater person in the UK has done a good job too. Coming to the person with a guest appearance, Maddy aka Madhavan, has done a decent job. Music is by A R Rahman, and I guess ARR reserves some good numbers for Mani Ratnam and Aamir. Its a wonderful movie to watch and I would say....HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

P.S. If there is one thing I didnt like in the movie, it was that stupid and funny wig that Maddy was wearing, wonder why he had a wig.

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This is a picture of how vidya and I looked as kids and till a couple of years back.  Posted by Picasa

Can you recognize the kid in the picture? Well believe it or not, thats yours truly :). This was taken when we were in Malaysia for a holiday. That was a compact Sanyo walkman on my lap. Just compare the size of that to the new ipod nano :) whew...how technology changes things.
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Thats my daughter, Manya. Took a picture of her recently and I liked the pose a lot. I felt that a painting on canvas kind of effect would accentuate the photo. So here is the result.
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This is Simbha. He is my wife's pet dog. He is pretty small built and is I guess has traits of lots of breeds, ranging from a daschund, a labrador, a lhasa apso, a pom et al. There is something about this guy I find a lot like a Lion. No wonder my wife named him Simbha, after the famous character in the Disney Animation, "The Lion KIng".
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Vidya, my wife got a box of heart shaped chocolates at office and they were really colorful. I dont have a sweet tooth, so I was wondering what I could do with these sweet little colorful chocolates. Well, its for you to see here. Let me know how you like it.
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