We are all angry, helpless, disheartened and just dont want to see these guys we call politicians. They are all justified. These morons dont deserve anything. All they know is to make money when they are in power, and make sure they are safe, healthy and wealthy.

Having said that, what are we planning to do with our country, our security issues. I was driving to work this morning, and I was wondering, where is the root of these problems we face today? Just then, I had a set of people going through the wrong side of the road to get to their destination faster.

Thats when it dawned on me... we are a country full of lawless people. We just dont give a damn about the law. We will cross the road wherever, whenever. We will jump traffic signals, we will bribe the cop and just get done with it. The cops are more bothered making money from the common man than to get them to abide the law.

This is exactly why foreign nationals say, you can get away with anything in India. Is this what we want to hear?

Its time for change now, and I think each one of us should make sure we as individuals should start abiding the law. Then we can make the change that we all want to see, and it would be more practical only if we change as individuals.

Just my 2 cents (paise). Jai Hind!!


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