light up the sky

ram and his light saber

roots in the sky

manya with thatha

karthiks thatha

rapt attention during thambola

what number was that?

i won the top line

man...when am i going to get the prize?

manya and paati posing for the camera

see i can ukkachi

enakku unda mayakkama irukke

paati naa thaachi thoongatuma?

coming for the camera

mommy and manya looking upto something

rapt attention

see pa...i can play thambola too


asst director chow

what to do...bad luck hee kharab hai

muskle man

maggi uthri rajesh shweths and karthi

rajesh uthri and karthi


ayshu and chow


another amman

another amman

lovely silver

close up of amman

another lovely idol

pillayar appa....handle with care

i will repeat this only once

ravi mama all smiles

enna paarvai undhan paarvai

i can give u some tips on film making says manya

deep thinking

enna oru expression ... enna oru expression

i am getting older today

all i need is 5 more for a full house

everyone at it still

give that to me mom..

happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you

kothamalli sisters

rasiku all focus

all ages

kothamalli sisters in action again

kalyanam panna time nerungardhu

pretty pretty


class... appadi nu nenappu

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