One of things I really feel good about is, when I can get 2 souls together in holy matrimony. My counter reads 4 couples so far, if I am not mistaken.

Coming to the reason behind this post... A friend of mine wants to get married, and I asked him what kind of a girl would he like?, he did not give me an answer right away, but sent me a detailed mail instead. I would not like to name the person for obvious reasons, but would like you to have a look at what his expectations are of the girl. I guarantee this will be a good read...


Okies here are my specs.(ull faint!!!)
Need a TamBram gal, would be awesome if she is a Tanjore Iyer.

Girl Content:

She must be intellectually gud, in the sense not merely education but intellect that is exhibited in everythin she does. She must be calm and composed since I am the fiery,short-tempered types and hence I would like someone who would soothe me down.
I want a fairly decisive lady, I do take decisions promptly but would also expect my partner to be on same lines and not sway around with decisions.
She should be empathizing considering the fact that I have a possessive mother and even if we do live separately, the girl must be able to put herself in the shoes of a possessive mother and view things. What happens within the four doors is between me and her , but in front of my parents empathy and understanding would be necessary.
A lady who would give me my personal space in life, a lady who understands my mood swings and can find out when i want to be left alone and when I want to be cared.
She must be ambitious but not materialistic because I am not the types who looks for money neither do I want someone with me driving me for it.
I am a dominating person by nature, I am definitely compromising as well but if there are situations that command my dominance, she must understand.
Basically caring, understanding, honest, unselfish, must love kids, patient and I dont want anything unknown about her and vice versa.


She must be fairly tall and fair or wheatish complexion. Her eyes must be captivating. Her smile must be pretty and she must have hair till shoulder length,neither more nor less.She must sport earrings which is the only jewel I expect in her face.
She must be able to dress conventionally like madusars, saris and dress new age like jeans n capris and chinos.
She must know the age old traditions. A person who can utter Vishnu Sahasranamam and at the same time sing Iron Maiden as well
She must know how to cook well. She must know Carnatic music since I am a lover of Carnatic Music and would expect someone who can revel with me.
She must be religious. She must have a fine taste in life.
All in all someone who can be conventionally modern.

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